Guidelines for using sunbeds

As we all know, the sunbeds are being used in the commercial salons various beauty and health needs. Even though the sunbeds hold various advantages, one needs to be more careful while handling them. The professionals should be well trained in order to handle this without getting exposed to any negative impacts. And people who are about to undergo tanning and other process through sunbeds must be aware of methods of using the sunbeds. Using the sunbeds beyond the limit may lead to various problems. Hence one must aware of these factors before undergoing any process like tanning.

Skin moisturizer

It is to be noted that before getting exposed to the UV rays from sunbeds, the skin should be moisturized well. Especially people who want to undergo indoor tanning must use sufficient moisturizers in their skin. The most important thing to be noted is the moisturizers should not only be used before tanning but also after tanning. This is because using moisturizers will help in preventing the skin from dryness. Passing more UV rays into the skin will make it dry. Hence in order to avoid the problem of dryness, the skin moisturizers should be used.

Time gap

The time gap is more important from one tanning to the next tanning. According to the advice of experts one must at least leave about 48 hours of gap from one tanning to the other. This time frame is not only to maintain the health, but it is more important for successful tanning. This is because this time gap will help the skin to produce melanin. Only if sufficient amount of melanin is produced, the skin will become tan without any constraint. Hence one should avoid going for several sittings continuously without leaving any resting time for the skin.



There are many people who tend to undergo naked tanning. In such case, one needs to be more careful regarding the health. While moving for naked tanning, it is more important to protect the sensitive parts of the body. In most cases, the professionals will suggest to cover the sensitive parts. In case, if they don’t insist, one must force them to provide them best protection. Even though this type of restriction is more important, first three tannings can be done in the naked body. However, in the rest of sessions, sensitive parts can be exposed to UV rays partly and gradually.

Apart from this, they can also consult the experts in salon or parlor to provide them the best protection during the process of tanning. People who are in need to buy the sunbeds for professional needs should shop the best sunbeds from the online sources like


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