The Excellent Software for Easy Communication

In the internet age, the people always prefer to communicate with others through the chats or messages. In the case of employees in a company, instant messaging plays a vital role in chatting with the colleagues or sharing the data among the employees. Although we have the email for sending the information, instant messaging is mainly preferred by almost all the companies. Certain instant messengers are also providing these facilities to its users, but they offer only with the internet connection. But in the case of the instant messenger like LAN Messenger, the user can send the information without the necessity of internet connection. One among such instant LAN messenger is the Softros LAN messenger that facilitates the user with a lot of features.

How does the instant messenger works?

    The interface of the instant messenger consists of three buttons which are as follows:

  • Menu- The menu tab that is present in the interface permits the user to keep their status modes which include online, working, conference, busy, or away.
  • History- This interface comprises of various tabs like sent time, status icon, and the message text.
  • Settings- The utilities present in this interface button include the options for personalizing the sound effects of the chat messenger, the display window of the message, and some of its functions.


Benefits of the instant messenger:

    The various benefits of the Softros messenger include:

  • The messenger provides the user with the facility of using it without the internet connection, this when used in office prevent the employees from chatting and wasting their time with the internet friends online.
  • The messenger allows having the user-to-user messaging as well as the user-to-group messaging
  • The messenger allows in transferring the files through it. This is the most significant feature for the office users.
  • The messages sent through this LAN Messenger are highly secured; hence the user need not have to worry about the important information and files that have been shared. This messenger user AES encryption algorithm that encrypts the user’s chats while sending.
  • The messenger permits the user to have desktop sharing that result into providing the remote assistance.
  • This software application is available for all kinds of platforms that include Mac OS X and the android versions. Thus this application is very much user-friendly.
  • The four types of interfaces such as Online, My Group, All, and Personal, that are present in the application helps the user by providing a lot of facilities.


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