The responsibilities of a web designer

A web designer is a person who develops and designs websites and all the associated applications. The web designers may work in collaboration with other companies or they may work as individual contractors.  The education requirement of a web designer might vary but he may get the job of entry level with an associate degree. Bachelor`s degree of a web designer leads to a better career growth options and advancement in this profession.

The job description of a web designer

A web designer is a person that creates, manages and looks after the layout of the website. It involves both computer programming, coding and graphic designing.  When the website is created the website designer goes for the maintenance and various features to the website. According to a report from the U.S Bureau Labor statistics of the year 2015, the report said that approximately the median working hour pay of the web designer is as same as the web developer. According the report published in the year 2014-2015, the growth for job developers was 27%.

The duties

A web designer`s duty isn`t specific and is involved with everything that is related to the set up and creation of a website. The web designer may meet with clients, assess their needs and helping the designers to help in creating the product. The duties aren’t limited to the following: web designer

  • Writing and editing of the content
  • Designing the webpage layout
  • Determining the technical requirements
  • Update of websites
  • Creating the back up files
  • Solving code related problems

The requirements of a web designer

As per the report of O net online of the year 2016, 43% of the web designers had bachelors degree, 20% of them had an associate degree while the remaining 13 % had post-secondary certificate. To be a competent web designer, computer education and software programming skills is essential to compete in the job market.  Designing helps a programmer lay the foundation of website through the design, and other technical aspects of creating a website. Students in the course of web designing help learn the essential skills and the portfolios that help them in being a competent and skillful web developer. The common topics include:

  • Fundamentals of designing the image
  • Basic essential web design
  • Animation
  • Multimedia design
  • Content management
  • Editing for the video and audio
  • Multimedia program and technology

A bachelor`s degree program in the multimedia program and the web designing helps the student in learning the advanced set of skills for the job of a web designer. The students develop artistic and the creative abilities in addition to the technical skills set.

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